Advocate for Libraries

The American Library Association needs your help to secure historic federal funding for libraries. In the coming weeks, Congress will prepare legislation to make massive investments in our nation’s infrastructure and communities, and we must ensure that libraries aren’t left out. The Build America’s Libraries Act (S. 127 / H.R. 1581) includes $5 billion in funding for library construction and renovation. Library advocates must take action again to urge Congress to move forward with a package that includes these critical resources highlighted in the legislation.
Over 150 bipartisan Members of Congress are supporting the Build America’s Libraries Act to upgrade our library facilities. But crucial negotiations are happening right now. We need to speak up to ensure that libraries aren’t left out of the final infrastructure package. Please contact your legislators today and urge them to include funding for library infrastructure.

You can support all libraries by advocating for funding from local, state and national legislators.

  • Call and write legislators asking them to continue and increase funding to libraries
  • Demonstrate strength in numbers by attending advocacy events
  • Show the monetary value of you library usage by participating in library advocacy projects such as Real People, Real Dollars
  • Join the Board of Trustees

Ask us other ways to help or volunteer at our library!