Kids and Teens

Summer Reading Programs

Free lunch for children 18 and under at every summer kids program at noon

Wednesdays at noon

7/10 – Kick off – all children receive a free lunch box, book and create a place mat to use at each program

7/17 – Abby Lappen’s unique brand of songs and movement games entertain and excite kids of all ages.

7/24 – Scott Vorwald, Hudson High music teacher will lead a drum circle for kids and adults alike.

7/31 – TBA

8/7 – Movie Matinee – Wall-E

8/14 – TBA

Thursdays at noon

7/11 – Jim McDarby, Hudson High science teacher, brings his animals to show the differences and unique features of animals that operate either during the day or at night.

7/18 – Come learn about the stories and the structure of constellations with Columbia Land Conservancy educator, Heidi Bock. Then create your own edible constellations.

7/25 – Robots are used for many applications today not just science fiction movies. Build a robot walker with STEM educator, Kathy Ceceri, from Crafts for Learning.

8/1 – Astronauts – Explore what it might be like to be an astronaut – Try out astronaut tasks and have your picture taken as an astronaut in space!

8/8 – Solar Science with the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology (CMOST). The sun is The center of our universe. Sunlight helps plants to grow, warms the earth and can be used to create power. Experiment with the light in the sun and hands-on activities.

8/15 – astronomy with an ocular‘s! What about what you can see in the night sky and how you can use binoculars to get a better view! Pamela Price from mud Creek environmental learning Center will teach us how to make a star wheel to help navigate through the night sky.

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer reading challenge – adults vs children, who reads more collectively? Register for the challenge and record books read on our sticker wall. One lucky adult and one lucky child will a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.