The library now has At Home Learning Kits for homeschoolers, virtual and lifelong learners!

Each kit is geared toward specific age ranges and topics to be borrowed from the library for a period of three weeks.

Kits include: Math Science Art History Language

pre-k through first grade:

Alphabet – magnetic foam letters, whiteboard, and book Poke a Dot: An Alphabet Eye Spy

Math Manipulatives 1 – SHAPES tangrams and pattern blocks – books Grandfather Tang’s Story and Tangrams: 50 puzzles, colored tangram and pattern block pieces. Check out hoopla for more books on the topic

Math Manipulatives 2 – NUMBER CONCEPTS – Elevator Eddie game, unifix cubes, Cuisinnaire rods, colored counters Check out hoopla for more books on the topic

pre-k through third grade:

Stream Safari  – book, activities and materials to help investigate and observe local water life Check out hoopla for more books on the topic

second through eighth grade:

Math Manipulative 3 – MULTIPLICATION and FRACTIONS – lace-ups multiplication practice, dice games, and fraction circles

Human Body – books: Human Body: A Visual EncyclopediaMedical Revolution: History for kids: Medical Inventions 1700s to Present, and Human Anatomy Activity Book for Kid, 11-inch Male Human Torso Body Anatomy Model with removable organs Check out hoopla for more books on the topic

Skeletal System – book: The Skeleton Book: Get to Know Your Bones, Inside Out, 19″ Desktop Skeleton Check out hoopla for more books on the topic

Simple Machines sponsored by Locust Grove Historic Site, Poughkeepsie DETAILS and KIT COMING SOON

Calligraphy – calligraphy markers, practice paper and books Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy for Kids: A Fun Step by Step Guide and Practice Workbook Check out hoopla for more books on the topic

fifth through eighth grade:

History Kits sponsored by FDR Museum, Hyde Park

History – Great Depression – books: What Was the Great Depression?, The Great Depression for Kids, Children of the Dust Bowl, laminated pages of lessons, activities, and documents, photos, songs and recipes of the time   Check out hoopla for more books on the topic

History – World War 2    books: What Was D-Day?, What Was Pearl Harbor?, World War II for Kids, laminated pages of photos, documents, activities, songs of the period, Check out hoopla for more books on the topic and more

all ages

“TRY IT” Arts and Crafts

sponsored by Girl Scout Troop #1008 and Turose Gift Shoppe at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School

Make your own Pom Pom – supplies and directions

Make your own bean bag – supplies and directions

Make your own friendship bracelet – supplies and directions

Ecology DETAILS and KIT COMING SOON sponsored by Hawthorne Valley Association